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NaturNes Nestlé - Carrot Rice Farmer Chicken 6 Months - 2x200g


NaturNes® is committed to preserving nature in order to offer the best for your baby. In the "Les Sélections" collection, NaturNes® rigorously selects the origin of its meats and fish: all meats are from France and all fish are wild. Therefore, for the dietary diversification of your baby, let him discover our jars made of vegetables and farm chicken, made in France in the Vosges region, using entirely natural ingredients.


List of ingredients: Carrots 30%, cooking water, potatoes 11%, reconstituted SKIMMED MILK, cooked rice 9%, farmer chicken meat 8% (from France), onions, starch, rapeseed oil, olive oil. May contain gluten.

Conservation tips

Instructions for product storage: Before opening, keep at room temperature. After opening, store the jar in the refrigerator for 48 hours if it is covered, unless your baby has directly consumed from the jar. In that case, you must discard the remaining contents of the jar.

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