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Baby dessert Blédina 6 months old, strawberry yogurt - 6x95g.


Discover Blédina's Strawberry Mash: A creamy and abundant preparation with fruit puree for your baby's greatest delight!


Ingredients: Reconstituted skimmed milk powder (MILK) - Reconstituted fermented pasteurized milk (MILK) - Water - 8.50% Cream (MILK) - Sugar - 3.50% Strawberry puree - Modified corn starch - Stabilizer: Pectin - Acidifier: Citric acid - Reconstituted carrot juice from concentrate* - Natural flavor - Thickener: Carob seed flour - Emulsifier: Rapeseed monoglycerides. *Carrot juice is used for its color.

Conservation tips

Product storage instructions: The product must be consumed immediately after opening. It is not recommended to consume the remaining product.

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