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Baby evening meal Blédichef 15 months old Bulgur butternut - 250g.


Butternut squash and carrot combine with bulgur to bring variety to the flavors and awaken Baby's taste buds!


Ingredients: Cooking water - Butternut squash 25.0% - Carrots 20.0% - Cooked bulgur 15.0% (contains GLUTEN) - Potatoes - Onions - Cream (contains MILK) - Cornstarch - Vegetable oils (canola, sunflower) - Chives - Salt - Garlic - Nutmeg - Cinnamon. May contain traces of sesame and sesame-based products, soy, and nuts.

Conservation tips

Storage instructions: Before opening, keep the product at room temperature in a clean and dry place. After opening, keep it closed and refrigerated for 48 hours.

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