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Baby Blédina plate 12 months Zucchini and hake pasta - 2x200g.


Discover once again Maman's Ideas, delicious recipes inspired by homemade dishes, presented in a convenient and recyclable bowl*, with an evolving texture. This concept will be available throughout France from 2022, in accordance with local sorting instructions!


Ingredients: delicious zucchini (33.0%), cooking water, parsnips, white hake (8.00%) (FISH), tender cooked pasta (6.90%) (durum wheat semolina (GLUTEN), egg white powder (EGGS)), skimmed milk reconstituted from powdered milk (MILK), potatoes, corn starch, spinach, onions, a drizzle of vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower), parsley (0.300%), salt, a touch of bay leaf. May contain traces of SOY and MUSTARD.

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