Nuk Physiological happy day silicone pacifier - T2 x2


CLASSIC PACIFIER Physiological shape for healthy palate growth Anatomical guard contributing to the correct repositioning of the jaw Air System ventilation allowing the pacifier to keep its flexibility and its initial shape so as not to apply pressure on the baby's oral cavity Without bisphenol A 60 years ago, an orthodontist, Professor Balters and a dental surgeon, Doctor Müller, designed the first "natural and physiological" pacifier (abbreviated in German: NUK) by taking a model from nature. NUK pacifiers have been designed to imitate the mother's breast during breastfeeding and thus adapt optimally to the oral cavity of the child. They satisfy the natural need to suck and exercise the muscles of the lips, tongue and jaws which play an essential role when the child later learns to eat and speak. This is why NUK teats and pacifiers are approved by the French Union for Oral Health. NUK Size Concept: As baby grows, their oral cavity expands proportionally. According to scientific studies, there are 3 phases of development. That's why NUK offers different sizes of teats and pacifiers, each adapted to baby's stage of development. A specific color code makes it easy to identify these different sizes on the shelf. Sober and discreet decorations Made in Germany


Ingredients: PP / silicone

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