Nuk Base large silicone teat Size 1 - x2


The range of teats Serenity Plus offers all the know-how of NUK in terms of teats, they are to be used with the bottles Serenity Plus and Mon 1ER Serenity Plus - Wide base physiological teat: the shape of the teat reproduces the shape of the mother's breast during feeding - Natural and adapted to the shape of the jaw: very well accepted by children - Ultra flexible: thanks to the new "soft zone", the teat adapts even better to baby's palate for a more natural feeding Participates in the good formation of the jaw: - Flat part: helps strengthen the tongue of the newborn and widen the space of the jaw for a healthy growth of the baby teeth - Tightening: allows a good closure of baby's lips; does not interfere with nasal breathing and reduces the risk of air absorption Contributes to better digestion: - Pierced hole on the top of the teat: allows the mixing of milk with baby's saliva to facilitate digestion - Anti-colic valve: baby does not catch his breath and swallows less air, which reduces the risk of colic and hiccups - Clinically proven: ideal for mixed breastfeeding - Wide base silicone teat - Size: 0-6 months - Drilling: infant milk - EN14350 - BPA free (according to current regulations) - Made in Germany - Recommended by the UFSBD (French Union for Oral Health)


Ingredients: Silicon

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