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Biscuits Bio - Good Goût 10 months - 80g


As parents, we know the catchphrase: "It's me who does!" And at Good Goût, we agree! Our inspiration behind these delicious geometric biscuits is indeed the Montessori pedagogy: we are convinced that we awaken to taste thanks to the 5 senses, and that the child is an actor in his exploration of taste! Transform this moment of tasting into a moment of learning, depending on your baby's age: learning to know shapes, colors... and even succeeding in naming them! You are the conductor, just follow your baby's rhythm!


Ingredients: Pink biscuits: 62.7% organic WHEAT flour (GLUTEN), 22.6% organic concentrated grape juice, 10.3% organic sunflower oil, 2.7% organic raspberry powder, 1 ,2% organic beetroot and organic carrot concentrate, 0.5% baking powder (sodium bicarbonate), vitamin B1The purple cookies: 64.3% organic WHEAT flour (GLUTEN), 18.8% juice organic grape concentrate, 10.5% organic sunflower oil, 5.6% organic blueberry juice concentrate, 0.5% baking powder (sodium bicarbonate), 0.3% organic carrot and organic blueberry concentrate, vitamin B1 .Green biscuits: 61.8% organic WHEAT flour (GLUTEN), 20.2% organic grape juice concentrate, 10.1% organic sunflower oil, 4% organic pumpkin concentrate and organic apple) , 2.7% organic spirulina concentrate, 0.7% organic basil, 0.5% baking powder (sodium bicarbonate), vitamin B1.The yellow biscuits: 64.4% organic WHEAT flour ( GLUTEN), 21.8% organic grape juice concentrate, 10.5% organic sunflower oil, 2.8% organic carrot concentrate , organic pumpkin, and organic apple, 0.5% baking powder (sodium bicarbonate), 0.03% organic orange blossom essential oil, vitamin B1.

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Store in a dry, cool place away from light and heat.

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