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P'tite recipe Nestlé Pot au feu beef - 2x200g


Discover NESTLE P’TITE RECIPE: Small simmered dishes inspired by great cooking classics suitable for babies*. Recipes with fondant pieces to gently discover the pieces. Meat from France. Produced in France. Your baby can always enjoy this dish under the permanent supervision of an adult. Be sure to respect your baby's appetite. * In accordance with baby food regulations. Potatoes and carrots of EU origin.


Ingredients: Ingredients: Vegetables 52% (carrots 18%, potatoes 18%, onions, parsnips, leeks 3.5%, cooking water, beef 8.2% (origin: France, starch, rapeseed oil, parsley 0.4%, salt, thyme, bay leaf.

Conservation tips

Product storage information: Before opening, store at room temperature. An opened jar can be kept for 48 hours in the refrigerator unless your baby has eaten directly from the jar. In this case, discard the unfinished jar. Do not consume if the packaging (jar, lid, seal) is damaged. It is always in a seated position and under the permanent supervision of an adult that your baby can enjoy this dish. Be sure to respect your baby's appetite.

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